Pass in Higher secondary or +2 or VHSE or equivalent examination with 50% aggregate in the following subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics..

The duration of the course shall be for 4 academic years and each academic year is spread over a period of not less than 200 working days.


  • Candidate is required to put in minimum 80% of attendance in both theory and practical separately in each subject before admission to examination. A candidate lacking the prescribed attendance in any one subject, in theory or practical, shall not be permitted to admit for the entire examination. He/She will have to make up for the shortage subsequently to appear for the next university examinations.
  • Regulation for condonation of lack of attendance: – As per concerned University Regulations. 

Internal Assessment Marks

  • Theory: Three sessional examinations (evenly placed) shall be conducted during the academic year. The average marks of best two examinations shall be computed and shall constitute the internal assessment marks of theory.
  • Practical: Students are expected to perform the number of experiments listed in the respective syllabus. Students are required to maintain practical records for each of the practical subject and should be produced at the time of practical examination to be certified by the external examiner.
  • While awarding the sessional marks for practical experiments, the following consideration should be taken in to account. Marks for practical experiments shall be awarded on the basis of preparedness of the candidate, manipulative skill, results, knowledge of the experiments, regularity in recording the reports and viva-voce
  • A regular record of theory and practical sessional marks shall be maintained for each student in the institution.
  • Project work evaluation: The project shall be submitted for evaluation towards the end of the Final year.

A candidate will be permitted to register in the university examination only if He/She acquire the required internal marks and attendance for each subject as per the university regulations.

Students shall visit several Manufacturing houses or national research laboratories as a supplement to their academic training and submit a report to the satisfaction of the Head of the Institution