A candidate who has passed the B. Pharm degree examination from Kerala University of Health Sciences or an examination equivalent to of any other universities recognized by Kerala University of Health Sciences with not less than a total of 50% marks for the B. Pharm degree examination shall be eligible for admission to M. Pharm degree course. The candidate should have undergone B. Pharm degree course in an institution approved by AICTE and PCI.

The Selection of students for the M. Pharm course shall be made based strictly on merit as decided by the competent authority approved by the Government of Kerala/Kerala University of Health Sciences and as per guidelines of the Pharmacy Council of India.

The total academic duration of M. Pharm course including submission of dissertation is two years (24 months). The study of M. Pharm course shall be of annual system that includes M. Pharm part-I, extending for twelve months from the commencement of academic term and M. Pharm part-II of twelve months duration. Only candidates who have registered for all subjects of M. Pharm Part-I examination shall be eligible for admission to M. Pharm Part-II course. The thesis of M. Pharm Part II is to be submitted one month before examination. At the end of M. Pharm part-I, there shall be a university examination. At the end of M. Pharm Part-II, the candidate shall submit a dissertation on a research project.

English shall be the medium of instruction for all the subjects of study for examinations of M. Pharm course.

a) Attendance, conduct and condonation option:
Candidates who have attended a minimum of 80% of the theory and practical classes separately in each prescribed subject shall be permitted to appear for the M. Pharm Part I examination.

Condonation of shortage of attendance (10%) shall be vested with a committee constituted by the Principal/Head of the respective college, with the Principal/Head as the Chairman and 5 members (senior teachers) in the Committee. Condonation applies only once to the student of M. Pharm during the course of study.

b) Internal assessment
Candidates obtaining minimum of 50% marks separately in both theory and practical shall be eligible for appearing in University examination

Eligibility for the award of Degree

In order to successfully qualify in M. Pharm degree course, a candidate should have obtained the following marks:

– 50% of marks in the University Theory examination
– 50% of marks in the University Practical examination.
– 50% of marks in aggregate in Theory, Practical IA & Oral taken together
– 50% of marks in aggregate in Dissertation, Seminar & Viva Voce taken together for the approval of the Dissertation

a) M. Pharm Part-1 course of study consists of two subjects namely one compulsory and one optional.
Course of study for each branch have been divided into one compulsory subject and three specialization subjects. The compulsory subject consist of two papers- a theory paper (Code No: MCS-I) and a practical paper (Code No: MCS-II). MCS- I and MCS- II shall be compulsory for the students of all branches.
The specialization subject consists of three theory papers (Paper I, Paper II and Paper III) with one practical paper for each respective theory paper. (See the following Table)

b) M. Pharm Part-II course of study consists of a thesis written on the basis of regular research work during the second year by the candidate. A certificate by the supervising teacher (guide) stating that the candidate has worked under him/her during the M. Pharm Part-II course and has satisfactorily conducted the two seminars during this period shall be attached along with the thesis. Certificate from the co-guide, if any, is also necessary.

The candidates shall be eligible to submit their thesis only after passing M. Pharm Part-1 examination. Students of Pharmacy Practice have to undergo clerkship programme in various clinical departments during the first 3 months of M. Pharm Part II.

All M. Pharm Part II students have to present two seminars relevant to their subject specialization including recent advances before submission of thesis.

There shall be one annual examination at the end of the first academic year called M. Pharm Part-1 examination. There shall also be a supplementary examination of M. Pharm Part I after 6 months.
M. Pharm Part II examination shall consist of a thesis evaluation in any one of the respective branches.